Friday, May 20, 2011

week in Vegas

So..we've been MIA online for a while. Little update...

Josh FINALLY had a break from school for about 3 weeks. We took a much needed little vacation and spent a week in Vegas. It was so much fun! May is always a busy month for us-it includes my birthday, Mother's Day & our Anniversary (Big Number THREE for us!). It's full of celebration-PLUS the end of the semester-which of course is a big call for celebration! We love Vegas and love to go visit. We crammed TONS in during this trip-went to the park almost every day, played with the dogs, Grandpa Jay & Grandma Kay, went out for sushi, went to Golden Spoon with friends, went to a baby shower for some other friends, went to the body exhibit, Josh even surprised me and booked a night at the South Point for a night--we left McKay with Grandma and Grandpa--think we ALL had a blast! Thanks Hun!

Needless to say-we've been busy--but in a fun/relaxing/WONDERFUL sort of way!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This little boy did not want to take a nap today! We tried two different times and after 30 minutes of him crying (the second time!) I finally went in to get him.
This is what I found haha.
Somehow during his ridiculously huge tantrum/attempting to chew his way out of the crib (hence the still in place-ghetto blankets tied for protection), he had wiggled one of his arms out of his shirt! He definitely did not appreciate me running to grab my camera and snapping a quick picture before taking him out, but I could not resist!
Love you McKay!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

January Fun

McKay is almost 1 year old! Currently some of his favorite things to do are: put things in his mouth, pull his sox off every chance he gets, throw his cup on the floor and play with Daddy!

Last Monday Josh didn't have school so we decided to head up to Zions for the day. It was so nice outside and we had a great time walking around and playing on the grass. It's so beautiful up there! We also drove through the tunnel twice and McKay LOVED it-so that made it even more fun for us!

Big weekend for Josh! He ran his first Half Marathon and he did so AWESOME!! Our friends Nate and Lindsey came up from Las Vegas and Nate ran it with Josh. It made it even more fun to have friends joining in!! Linds and I had a great time sending them off, watching them different points in the race, going out to breakfast and then waiting for them at the finish line! We had a great time!

...trying to warm up before the big race...
and they're off!
They both did such a great job! Josh finished (which was his only goal--just to finish!!) in 1:52---Yay! I'm so proud of you babe!!
Nate did great too---he finished in 1:42!
Wahoo boys!!


After the boys got cleaned up we met up with some of our other friends from Vegas, Jeff and Jenn, and went to lunch. The guys picked 5 guys burgers and got the biggest, greasiest food on the menu! I guess they deserved it! :) This was also in celebration of Jenn's birthday--Happy Birthday Jenn!!! Thanks for a great weekend guys!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Fun

Wow! What a busy Holiday Season we've had! Somehow we were able to
cram so much and we're so glad we did!!

This was just a cute daddy-son pic, I had to post it!

We went up to see the Jazz play the Magic with some of my siblings! Great game!!

Can't go up to Salt Lake at Christmas time and not make a stop over to Temple Square to see the lights!

McKay was VERY good helping Josh study for finals.
Josh did such a great job on his finals and we are so glad they are finally over!
We've definitely enjoyed the break. Good job Josh!!

Josh's parents came up to help do some work on our car. I was lucky enough to catch this cute picture of the three boys out in the garage!
We spent Christmas morning in Vegas with Josh's family. McKay loved his new firetruck!
What would Vegas on Christmas Eve be without a visit to the strip...and the Bellagio Gardens?!
They were gorgeous!

Josh was on call this last week one day so I took McKay and my nephew, Ruxing, into see Josh and the "Big Fire Truck"
They loved it!

We also went to the St. George temple one night to see the lights, with my niece Min and nephew Ruxing. The lights are always so pretty!
Happy New Year!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grantham Fam Fun

McKay was a tiger! He loved the costume, but every time I tried to paint his little nose black-he would tip his head back and open his mouth, so he could eat the lipstick!!

He has this funny smile now-where he scrunches up his nose and squits his eyes-it's pretty cute! Any time he sees the camera, he busts it out!

Happy 25th Birthday Josh!!
I threw him a surprise party in Vegas-it was so good to get together with family and friends and PAR-TAY!!
Love ya Birthday Boy!!
McKay's new favorite thing now is swings. He absolutely loves it, so we go to the park almost every day. Too bad we're running out of warm days...:(