Friday, May 20, 2011

week in Vegas

So..we've been MIA online for a while. Little update...

Josh FINALLY had a break from school for about 3 weeks. We took a much needed little vacation and spent a week in Vegas. It was so much fun! May is always a busy month for us-it includes my birthday, Mother's Day & our Anniversary (Big Number THREE for us!). It's full of celebration-PLUS the end of the semester-which of course is a big call for celebration! We love Vegas and love to go visit. We crammed TONS in during this trip-went to the park almost every day, played with the dogs, Grandpa Jay & Grandma Kay, went out for sushi, went to Golden Spoon with friends, went to a baby shower for some other friends, went to the body exhibit, Josh even surprised me and booked a night at the South Point for a night--we left McKay with Grandma and Grandpa--think we ALL had a blast! Thanks Hun!

Needless to say-we've been busy--but in a fun/relaxing/WONDERFUL sort of way!


Amy Beth said...

:) I love the picture of Mckay in the dog cage!

The Grantham Family said...

Um .... I miss EVERYTHING about you! Glad you were able to get away just wish I was there with you!!!